Major Residential have over 15 years experience and are here to help you whether you are building your first home or building a home to suit your lifestyle. Major Residential has solutions to fit your budget and most importantly, your lifestyle.

A Major Home is tailored to the individual, supported by a builder who is with you throughout every step of the process. If you want to create the finest home in the street, then a Major Residential home is for you.


Our property development service includes a spectrum of activities from the acquisition of land to the development of buildings or facilities to meet our customers demands. Major Residential will work with you to co-ordinate your vision, from plans and ideas, into a finished, sellable product.

Major Residential works closely with our customers to ensure purpose-built, residential property solutions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that will support you through every stage.


With Major Residential, we clarify Perth's residential design codes and assist you to navigate the building process, all the while, keeping your development objectives at the front of our mind.

Multi Residential Unit development is a complex process which is why you need a team who has extensive experience in this area and have a solid portfolio of completed projects. Major Residential offers you that peace of mind to know you are dealing with a professional.


A common question with regard to property is: what is strata and can I strata my block? Strata title is actually an Australian innovation in property law that has been copied around the world.

Major Residential Construction & Development is here to help with the tools and skills to navigate this process on your behalf, crafting an efficient pathway from sub-dividing to settlement, creating a design that will suit either your lifestyle or investing needs