5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Boutique Builder Over A Volume Builder

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Boutique Builder Over A Volume Builder

When someone is thinking about building a home, one of the first choices they need to make is

  1. Use a volume, project homes builder or;
  2. Use a small, boutique builder.

And with all things, each have pro’s and con’s.

Keep on reading to find out why you should use a boutique builder over a project homes builder.

  • Overheads


With a project builder, there are significant admin costs, huge office expenses and general costs in maintaining a large business with hundreds of clients.

A boutique builder on the other hand, has a handful of clients that are much easier to manage with less resources.

What does that mean:

It means a lower cost to you when building OR the same cost with a higher quality finish.

  • Attention To Detail


Project builders are without a doubt, sensational business organisations.  They can look after hundreds of clients at once but it does come with a cost.

Attention to Detail.

Small builders oversee each and every step of the process with you and you are dealing with the builder every step of the way.

Guy Pilcher is the Registered Builder of Major Residential Construction & Development and he will guide you through the seemingly complicated world of home building and property development but make it simple and straightforward for you.

  • Complicated Builds


Steep block, small block or difficult construction methods – Project builders won’t touch it.

On the other hand, you bring your design to a boutique builder and there are no excuses, no complaints – they just get it done.

  • Pushy Salespeople


Extra square metres mean extra dollars for a large builder.  It’s a numbers game, more and bigger houses is what they’re chasing.  To make sure those numbers are coming through, it means you’re faced with pushy salespeople who don’t know the first thing about putting one brick on top of the other.

But the story is a little different when dealing with a boutique building company.  Here at Major Residential, you don’t deal with a salesperson, you deal with Guy – the man who is putting your foundation down and putting a roof over your head.  He has your absolute best interest at heart.

  • On Site Meetings


Volume builders have hundreds of clients to tend for – they can’t come meet you every time you have queries and concerns.

Boutique builders know things need to be checked up on and you have concerns that need to be answered.  Site meetings are generally no problem and here at Major Residential, we will be with you every step of the way.

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